Green products

Green product management policy description

Policy HSF quality policy
Commitment Green products that achieved 100% compliance with the international regulations, industry standards, and customer requirements
Responsible unit Green Product (Management) Committee
Resources invested 1. Establish a test report management system
2. Establish a supplier promulgation and return system of hazardous substances declaration
3. Establish a hazardous substance screening device (XRF)
Complaint mechanism Auditing Office’s Customer Complaint Mailbox System
Goals 1. Green procurement ratio of 100%.
2. Supplier third- party inspection pass rate of 100%.
3. Product RoHS review pass rate of 100%.
4. Finished product XRF inspection pass rate of 100%.
5. Incoming product XRF inspection pass rate of 100%.
6. Third-party inspection pass rate of 100%.
7. Customers’ HSF Quality Satisfaction Level: 4.5 (out of 5)
Action plans Source management Process management Customer-end management

International system certification

The Company has passed the ISO 9001 and QC 080000 hazardous substances management process system verifications. The raw materials purchased comply with the requirements of international laws and regulations such as RoHS, REACH, Directive 94/62/EC, China RoHS, California Proposition 65, Montreal Protocol, etc., and compliance is ensured by yearly test reports received from a third-party laboratory. Regarding incoming and finished products, in addition to the self-inspection, the company also periodically commissions third-party laboratories for testing to provide customers with hazardous substances free assurance.

Green product management

Unimicron is committed to the implementation of green product management with the three principles of “compliance with green specifications and requirements”, “green procurement”, and “green supply chain”, and sets the quality target of hazardous substances free (HSF). The use of environmentally hazardous substances on products is strictly prohibited, which extends to Quality Management, Procurement, Products, R&D, Manufacturing, Sales and other departments to take green materials into consideration amid the process design. The purchased raw materials meet the requirements of international laws and regulations such as RoHS, REACH, Packaging Materials Directive, China RoHS, California 65 Act, Montreal Convention, etc. In terms of products, the requirements of RoHS and REACH are met 100%. The principles of green products and continuous improvement are implemented, so as to satisfy customers and comply with the requirements on green materials by international environmental protection specifications. Likewise, we fulfill our social responsibility of environmental protection.

Green product committee

Based on QC 080000 IECQ Hazardous Substances Process Management (HSPM), Unimicron established the Green Product Committee to set HSF quality policy and targets. The hazardous materials are completely controlled by the processes of quality planning, supply chain, material flow, manufacturing, and quality assurance to ensure that the products meet the requirements of customers, comply with relevant regulations and green product specifications, and meet the quality and customer satisfaction requirements.

Organizational Chart of Unimicron’s Green Product Committee

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