Social investment

Social investment

Unimicron adheres to the concept of taking from society and repaying society. In the spirit of caring for the land and repaying society, Unimicron invests more resources, provides more opportunities for those in need, and promotes social co-prosperity through the participation and promotion of charity and outreach activities. Starting from its operating base, Unimicron expands the promotion of caring activities across national borders. Whether in the sponsorship of social outreach or the input of volunteers, Unimicron provides more resources and hopes for local communities and the underprivileged, and infuses positive energy into society. In 2018, the total amount of social investment was about NT$3,242,433, which is a 19% increase compared to 2017.

Social investment Description Donation amount Number of participants Number of labor hours invested
Taiwan Hualien Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction Plan 2,000,000 NTD --- ---
Global Views Educational Foundation 250,000 NTD --- ---
Sponsored the Natural Way Market at the flag raising on Chinese New Years’ in 2018 30,000 NTD --- ---
Te Kuei River Cleanup Event --- 120 240
Hsinchu County Environmental Protection Agency Beach Cleaning Event --- 36 216
Taiwan Fund for Children and Families’ Charity Bazaar 18,665 NTD 20 ---
Christmas presents for Hsing-Fu Elementary School economically disadvantaged students --- 30 ---
White Nursery School goods donations 10,000 NTD 3 ---
470 people participated in blood donations, with a total blood donation of 163,750 cc. --- 470
Guishan Junior High School Baseball Team 330,000 NTD --- ---
Unimicron Technology (Suzhou) 2018 Volunteers of the Jinji Lake International Marathon --- 45 450
2018 Jinji Lake Charity Bazaar and Donation 1,300RMB 45 450
2018 Volunteers of the Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race --- 45 450
2018 Unimicron Technology (Suzhou) Voluntary Blood Donation Event, total blood donation of 27,000 ml --- 104 52
Summer Charity Fair assists in growth and demonstrates caring 517 RMB 20 35
2018 Suzhou “Taihu Blue” Challenge - Volunteer as Event Partner --- 45 450
2018 Guiyang Caring Enterprise Donation for Public Welfare 20,000 RMB 5 360
Unimicron Technology (Kunshan) 2018 Tzu Chi Year-End Donation 100,000 RMB 6 18
Hubei/Henan Hope Primary School Donation (union donated 120 blankets) 9120 RMB --- 6
“City Knits” gives out warmth (knitted scarves) --- 22 528
Tzu Chi Sends Winter Warmth to Subei --- 1 16
“Happy Mother, Happy Family” Charity Bazaar 317 RMB 7 28
Opening Ceremony of Kunshan Library Reading Festival --- 4 32
Blood donations with 21,200ml of blood donated --- 82 ---
Community charitable activities --- 268 465
Unimicron- FPC Technology (Kunshan) Clothing collection: 100 pieces of winter clothing --- 18 ---
Voluntary blood donation with 18,600ml of blood donated --- 70 ---
49 community public outreach events servicing 2,640 people --- 220 686
Unimicron Technology (Shenzhen) Blood donations in Shajing Bookstore, Bao’an District with 16,800CC of blood donated --- 56 ---
487 volunteers participated amounting to 1,061 service hours --- 487 1,061
Total 3,242,433 2,229 5,543

Sponsored the 3rd Eco Echo Awards Charity Event in 2018

In response to the Eco Echo Award Sponsorship Project initiated by United Microelectronics (Hereinafter referred to as UMC), Unimicron provided funds to environmental protection public welfare groups to jointly execute and support meaningful environmental protection actions and implement corporate social responsibility. Through the interactive platform constructed for the Eco Echo Awards, scholars, experts, conservationists, and enterprises can exchange and share resources, and work together to maintain the ecology of Taiwan.

Farmers’ Market, Neighborhood Entertainment - Hydroponic vegetable experience camp

Unimicron recognizes the importance of diet on health, and hopes to promote a non-toxic diet and teach health concepts to the public. In July 2018, an organic agricultural market was held to showcase the dragon fruits and mangoes produced by small farmers in Taiwan, and non-toxic hydroponic vegetables planted by Unimicron. It also introduced a variety of processed crops promoted by Roi Du Pain to let the public understand that for their daily diet, there are agricultural products that will not burden their health.
Through the opportunity of organizing an organic agricultural market, we co-organized a hydroponic vegetable experience camp with Shan-Ding Elementary School in Guishan District, Taoyuan City. We invited children to participate in the joy of planting, and designed lively and exciting contents to attract children’s attention. Children can understand the importance of plant growth and environmental protection through explanations by professional lecturers and the hands-on experiences. Finally, we let children take their seedlings home in containers to care for them and transmit the concept of health and non- toxicity to the next generation.

Sponsored the Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box for Taoyuan City’s Shan-Ding Elementary School

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the three major Chinese festivals. When it is autumn and the climate is pleasant, families reunite over meals and admire the full moon, which is a great activity to promote parent-child relationships. In light of this, Unimicron paid a special visit to the neighboring Shan-Ding Elementary School, presenting 100 mid-autumn festival gift boxes. The school distributed them to economically disadvantaged schoolchildren so they could all enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Supporting Sports

Unimicron actively supports our national sport. The Company sponsors school baseball teams of Guishan District, Taoyuan City, where the Company is located, and promised to donate NT$1.5 million in five years to assist the training of the baseball teams. Since 2014, Unimicron has sponsored the baseball team of Guishan Junior High School with NT$300,000 per year, and provided scholarships of NT$10,000 per person per year to 3 baseball players with excellent academic achievements.

Paving the Way for Rehabilitated Inmates - Prisoner’s Self-Supervision

In order to enhance the upward momentum of society, Unimicron has cooperated with the Taipei Prison, Agency of Corrections since October 2017 to provide prisoners who will have served their sentence and are to be released from prison or released on parole within 1 year with employment opportunities, and help them reintegrate into society. Taipei Prison selects prisoners who can sign contracts with Unimicron. They shall work at Unimicron during the day, and return to prison at night, providing eight hours of daily labor. Unimicron will provide a salary, labor insurance, employment insurance, group insurance and labor pension, so that the prisoner can adapt to society as soon as possible. This project acts as a model for companies to follow in fulfilling their social responsibilities, and hopes to reduce social disorder, assist the rehabilitated inmates to step on the right path without re-committing crimes, let them interact with the society in advance, and support them to bravely take the road of rebirth. As of the end of April 2018, Unimicron has hired one former inmate, and hopes that in the future the cooperation can be expanded to help more rehabilitated inmates re-enter society to have normal and stable lives as soon as possible.

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