Statement from the Chairman

"Interaction and Communication with Customers, Employees,
and the Society".
Innovating is the core of our sustainable management.

Dear stakeholders,

The efforts of our colleagues of Unimicron earned us the nomination as one of the components of the Taiwan Sustainability Index (TWSI). We have won the Corporate Sustainability Report Award for five consecutive years. In particular, we have had the honor of receiving the Golden Award for three consecutive years, showing the recognition we have received for the extraordinary results of our long-term investment in corporate sustainability. We have established long-term goals for major sustainability issues, and advance towards becoming a leading sustainable enterprise. We have disclosed Unimicron’s 2021 sustainable visions linked with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). The focus of our effort lies in moving sustainable management towards sustainable governance.

Although last year was full of challenges and impact by the U.S.-China trade war, Unimicron continues to maximize benefits for customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders using the three main strategies: “Prudent Management and Governance","Value Chain Management", and "Interaction and Communication with Customers, Employees, and the Society". Innovating is the core of our sustainable management. We strive to create a flexible and fast organization that is able to respond to risks and growth opportunities. In terms of production operations, we have implemented AI testing to improve quality and efficiency, and to produce excellent products with cost advantages for our customers. This year, we obtained 76 patents. The cumulative number of patents has reached 1,957, enhancing our innovative abilities. As a corporate citizen, we continue to help solve social issues such as circular economy, urban agriculture, and employment of rehabilitated inmates, as to enhance community welfare.

In the past year, issues such as the U.S.-China trade war, environmental protection, and technological talents in Mainland China have been major challenges for the Company’s Operatings. We continue to strengthen the development and expansion of our high-end products to improve production management efficiency. We also incorporate smart technology to improve technical quality. Through our extensive efforts, we have achieved the highest growth rate in the industry, 17% in operations, and remain optimistic for the next three years. In terms of green management, we adopt two main strategies: pollution source reduction and clean production, as to avoid wasting resources. In 2018, the total intensity of power and water usage per unit of revenue exceeded our expected reduction target. We have also set our 2021 long- term goal for lowering the intensity of power and water usage per unit of revenue - lower than 18 and 310 (refers to P.21). Talent is the cornerstone that drives innovation and the Company’s growth. We nurture T-shaped talents, strengthen the effectiveness of training programs, optimize salary competitiveness, and build safe work environments through job rotation so that our colleagues can grow and enjoy working.

As a corporate citizen, Unimicron actively strives to provide employment opportunities to rehabilitated inmates and fulfill SDG 8 (Decent work and economic growth). We have also employed those with physical disabilities by establishing the Sunrise Charity convenience store, where all profits made are donated to charity. We have sufficient understanding of the expectations of the public and stakeholders towards Unimicron, and strive to become a leading sustainable enterprise in the future. We will focus all our efforts on Unimicron’s 2021 sustainable goals and strategies while pursuing customer, employee and shareholder satisfaction, the Company’s organic growth, and fulfillment of our social responsibilities.

Chairman and CEO, Unimicron
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