Risk and opportunity management

Risk Management Mechanism

Unimicron set up the Risk Management Committee to deal with various risks of business interruption that may occur at any time. The Chairman of the Board of Directors serves as the Chief Commissioner, leading the presidents of GMOs, EH&S, and the business units, and the top supervisors of relevant departments, to conduct regular assessments of various operational risks and set risk mitigation and disaster-recovery plans. The various subordinate departments shall conduct individual or comprehensive drills and exercises for various unexpected situations such as raw material interruption, labor shortage, information system failure, natural disasters, or vandalism or sabotage, and conduct review and make improvement recommendations.

Furthermore, to fully monitor Unimicron’s operational risks, the Risk Management Committee’s annual risk assessment and plan shall be further incorporated into the annual Continuous Operations Report by the Corporate Governance Committee under the CSR Committee. In addition to the regular reporting of monitored risks, we are also able to obtain customers’ suggestions and feedbacks by providing them with results from the report. These feedbacks are then provided to the responsible department of the Risk Management Committee, and relevant reviews and measures are conducted accordingly to control and mitigate risks, and make the Company more sustainable.

The Risk Management Committee and the Corporate Governance Committee under the Corporate Sustainability CSR Committee work together to reduce or eliminate risks and impacts relevant to the Company’s operations in response to regulatory, customer, social and intra-company requirements and expectations. Unimicron adjusts its business strategy in a timely manner according to changes in the environment. The relevant and specific operational regulations are included in Unimicron’s Risk Management Operation Procedures, which integrate continuous operation measures of the six major risk control departments, thereby unifying identification of the Company’s operational risks.

Response measures

Unimicron’s risk management and identification system covers all departments. It is a comprehensive management system that mainly manages the divisions most relevant to production such as human resources, environmental protection, procurement, information, and PCB and Carrier products. Through the annual Continuous Operations Report, the six major departments are required to observe their daily operations, identify the risks related to the Company’s operations to be included in the control mechanism, and evaluate their risk indexes to determine the processing priority order.

According to different risk indexes, they are classified from low to high into the first, second, third, and highly dangerous fourth quadrant. In particular, when the risk of the third or fourth quadrant occurs, the mitigation plan will be initiated forcefully and the effectiveness shall be monitored every six months until it is eliminated. In 2018, through the regular implementation of risk mitigation, the effective corresponding strategies were gradually implemented amid internal operational procedures. Risks were effectively controlled to be below moderate except for natural disasters or force majeure risks.

It is expected that all operational risks will be re-evaluated, and mitigation and contingency plans will be updated in 2019 in order to have operational risks fully under control. At the same time, we understand that risks may still occur regardless how comprehensive the regulations and plans are. In order to avoid the losses from risks, Unimicron has purchased a full range of insurance (such as property insurance, business interruption insurance, erection all risks insurance, flood insurance, fire insurance, etc.) to ensure that when the risk occurs, Unimicron still has enough capabilities and resources to carry out subsequent operational recovery matters, and effectively carry out commitments to customers.

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